HayFever Medication


So, you love the outdoor life, sun, sea and a stroll in the park, but when its summer and the sun is shinning its a different matter, you have an allergy to pollen.

Sore and itching eyes, sneezing like the world will end, a running nose, a tight chest, sore throat and sometimes even itching inside out, surely there is a medication to help with the woes of hayfever.

Exams, weddings, interviews, holidays, a meal out, just mowing the lawn or cutting a hedge.... its not easy.

At HayFever Medication we will try to bring you calm at those important times when the last thing you want is a nice runny nose!

We have a selection of over the counter medications, tablets sprays and creams to try, some may not be for you or your particular allergy, but when taken as per instructions on the packet may help to alleviate some of the allergy symptoms.

It is a bit of trial and error and ideally you need to start taking the medication prior to the start of onset if this is not your first attack, but do not give up if one does not suit, another might but they will help... as there does not appear to be a cure.

You may be unfortunate enough to suffer several attacks at different times of year so getting to know when and what plants and trees or crops are flowering is very important in the long run and may help preempt the onset.

We also have a way to keep down dust mites with this dust mite controller. This unit controls the Dust Mite population naturally and reduce asthma, eczema, coughing and nasal congestion.

I am not a doctor but I am a sufferer.

At one time or another I have tried them all and can say that I can go outside in the sun nowadays if I choose, even if it is only for the joyful chore of cutting the lawn......... but only if I have taken my HayFever Medication, like a good little boy!

You no longer need to be the person with the goldfish bowl over your head with an oxygen cylinder for company, or ear plugs up you nose, its not a good look, but then if you have never experienced hay fever you will not understand.

If you have try hayfever medication, it will help, keep an eye on the pollen count and remember.... read the instructions please.